software dev

We create software solutions for startups and companies with cutting-edge technologies and world-class software engineers.

staff augmentation

We offer staff augmentation and outsourcing services that allow you to outsource services outside the scope of the core business.


We offer attractive experiences for the user to go where you want. We are specialists in common sense and agility.

About us

We are a group of associated professionals in

software in all technologies.

Our Technologies

The right mix of technologies can make a difference


We offer innovative and flexible software solutions.

Development >> Nearshore Soft Development, Mobile Product Development, Software Maintenance and Implementation and Video Games Development.

Business Intelligence >> Big data consulting, Analytics and Reporting, Predictive & Real-Time Analytics, Data Warehousing and consulting.


We become part of your team in your time zone.

We participate in your dailies and maintain constant communication all throughout the day. We adopt your processes and tools effectively becoming part of one bigger team.

If you have a well-defined project that you would like to delegate, we are happy to estimate turn-around time and provide a fix-bid quote. We will analyze your requirements, design a solution, recommend languages and frameworks, estimate, quote and execute. Throughout the project, we will provide weekly demos to track progress and collect your feedback.


We use iterative cycles of analysis, hypothesis, design and feedback to optimize the design of an interface. From agile methodologies of software creation with iteration, we have implemented LEAN UX as our own methodology to work as a team and with our clients.

Testing and usability research, User journey,  UX / UI interface design, Prototyping, wireframe and wireflow, User Experience Development, Information Architecture Design, Interaction and Usability Design and Digital Product Design.